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Professor Alan Padgett

Professor Alan Padgett

Saint Paul
United States

Padgett is a Christian theologian with a strong interest in theology and science. Raised in Huntington Beach, California, he studied social science and entered the United Methodist clergy after studies at Drew University (M. Div.). After several years of full time pastoral work, he attended Oxford University (D. Phil.), working on philosophy of science and philosophy of religion with Richard Swinburne. He taught philosophy of science and theology at Azusa Pacific University for ten years, and has been a full professor of systematic theology at Luther Seminary in Minnesota since 2001. He continues to teach, lecture and write on areas where theology and philosophy intersect with science.


Religion, Philosophy and History interests: Christianity-Catholicism, Christianity-Orthodoxy, Christianity-Protestantism, Ethics, History of Science, Philosophy of Religion, Theology
Science and Technology interests: Physics


Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity
Co-authors: J. B. Stump, coeditors

Science and the Study of God: A Mutuality Model for Theology and Science,
2003, pbk

Introducing Christianity,
Orbis Books
Co-authors: A. G. Padgett and Sally Bruyneel,

God and Time: Four Views,
IVP Academic, 2001
Co-authors: Ed: Greg Ganssle,

Ed: Reason and the Christian Religion: Essays in Honour of Richard Swinburne,
Oxford University Press

God, Eternity and the Nature of Time,

But is it all True? The Bible and the Question of Truth (edited volume) (,
Co-authors: Eds: Alan G. Padgett & P. Keifert,
2006, pbk

Christianity and Western Thought, vol. 2 and 3,
IVP Academic
Co-authors: A. G. Padgett and Steve Wilkens,
2000, 2008

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