Prof Colin Russell

Prof Colin Russell

Emeritus Professor of History of Science
The Open University, UK

Bedford, United Kingdom


Honoraria Titles

Major Prizes

Dexter Award, "for outstanding contributions to the history of chemistry", American Chemical Society, 1990

Religion, Philosophy & History Interests


Science & Technology Interests

Chemistry, Cosmology


Saving planet earth: a Christian response,

Authentic Media, Milton Keynes, 2008

Cross-Currents: Interactions between Science and Faith,

originally Inter-Varsity Press, 1985; now available as Canadian edition, Regent College, Vancouver, 2002; Portuguese translation.,

The Rise of Scientific Europe 1500-1800 (edited volume)

Hodder, 1991
Co-authors: Eds: Colin A. Russell & D. C. Goodman,

Ed. and senior author: Chemistry, society and environment: a new history of the British Chemical Industry,

Royal Society of Chemistry, 2000

Michael Faraday: physics and faith,

Oxford University Press, 2000
Co-authors: Also available as authorised Arabic translation of Michael Faraday: physics and faith, Obeikan Publishers, 2004