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Publications by ISSR Fellows

Below is a list publications by ISSR members. You can search the list using the search box below.

Prof Keith Ward

Prof Fraser Watts HonFISSR

Embodied Spirituality: Psychology, Religion and the Body

SCM Press, (forthcoming)

Science and/or Religion; A 21st Century Debate

Cambridge Scholars Press, (forthcoming)
Co-authors: Eds: Khalili, S.

Psychology, Religion and Spirituality: Concepts and Applications

Cambridge University Press, 2017

Evolution, Religion and Cognitive Science: Critical and Constructive Essays

Oxford University Press, 2014
Co-authors: Eds: Turner, L.

Head and Heart: Perspectives from Religion and Psychology

Templeton Press, 2013
Co-authors: Eds: Dumbreck, G.

Ed: Spiritual Healing: Scientific and Religious Perspectives

Cambridge University Press, 2011

Ed: Creation: Law and Probability

Ashgate, 2008

Ed: Jesus and Psychology

Longman & Todd, 2007

The Dialogue Between Science and Religion: An International Approach

John Templeton Press, 2006
Co-authors: Eds: Dutton, K.

Forgiveness in Context. Theology and Psychology in Creative Dialogue

T & T Clark International, 2004
Co-authors: Eds: Gulliford, L

Theology and Psychology

Ashgate, 2002

Psychology for Christian Ministry

Routledge, 2002
Co-authors: Nye, R. & Savage, S.

Ed: Perspectives on Prayer

SPCK, 2001

Ed: Christians and Bioethics

SPCK, 2000

Ed: Science Meets Faith

SPCK, 1998

The Psychology of Religious Knowing

Cambridge University Press, 1988
Co-authors: Williams, M.

Dr Kirk Wegter-McNelly

The Entangled God: Divine Relationality and Quantum Physics

Routledge, 2011

Science and the Spiritual Quest: New Essays by Leading Scientists

Routledge, 2002
Co-authors: W. Mark Richardson, Robert J. Russell, and Philip Clayton (co-editors)

Quantum Mechanics: Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action

Vatican Observatory/Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, 2001
Co-authors: Robert J. Russell, Philip Clayton, and John Polkinghorne (co-editors)

Prof Michael Welker

Prof John White

Prof Robert White

Christianity, Climate Change and Sustainable Living

SPCK, 2007
Co-authors: Spencer, Nick & White, Robert

Who is to Blame? Nature, Disasters and Acts of God

Lion Hudson, 2014

Hope in an Age of Despair: The Gospel and the Future of Life on Earth

Inter-Varsity Press, Leicester, 2013
Co-authors: Jonathan A Moo

Let Creation Rejoice: Biblical Hope and the Ecological Crisis

Inter-Varsity Press, Illinois, 2014
Co-authors: Jonathan A Moo

Beyond Belief: Science, Faith and Ethical Challenges

Lion, 2004. Published in USA as Science, Faith and Ethics: Grid or Gridlock?, Hendrickson, 2005 + Turkish and Polish translations.,
Co-authors: Alexander, D. & White, R. S.

Creation in Crisis: Christian Perspectives on Sustainability

SPCK, 2009

Creation Care and the Gospel: Reconsidering the Mission of the Church

Hendrickson, 2016
Editors: Colin Bell & Jonathan Chaplin

[edit title here]
in Journal of Geophysical Research

Co-authors: D McKenzie
Volume: 94
Pages: 7685-7729

[edit title here]
in Journal of Geophysical Research

Co-authors: D McKenzie & K O'Nions
Volume: 97
Pages: 19683-19715

[edit title here]
in Earth and Planetary Science Letters

Co-authors: J W Bown
Volume: 121
Pages: 435-449

[edit title here]
in Nature

Co-authors: et al.
Volume: 452
Pages: 460-464

[edit title here]
in Earth and Planetary Science Letters

Co-authors: et al.
Volume: 304
Pages: 300-312

Dr Leslie Wickman

God of the Big Bang - How Modern Science Affirms the Creator

Worthy, 2015

Prof Wesley Wildman

Religious and Spiritual Experiences

Cambridge University Press, 2011

Religious Philosophy as Multidisciplinary Comparative Inquiry: Envisioning a Future for the Philosophy of Religion

SUNY, 2010

Science and Religious Anthropology: A Spiritually Evocative Naturalist Interpretation of Human Life

Ashgate, 2009

Encyclopedia of Science and Religion, 2 vols, (edited volume). Eds: Wentzel Van Huyssteen, Niels Gregersen, Nancy Howell, Wesley J. Wildman,

Macmillan Reference, 2003

Fidelity with Plausibility: Modest Christologies in the Twentieth Century,

University of New York Press, 1998

Religion and Science: History, Method, Dialogue, (edited volume) Eds: W. Mark Richard, Wesley J. Wildman.

Routledge, 1996.,

Science and World's Religions

Praeger, 2012
Co-authors: Patrick McNamara

Origins & Destinies, a volume in the Science and the World’s Religions series

Praeger, 2012
Editors: Patrick McNamara and Wesley J. Wildman

Persons & Groups, a volume in the Science and the World’s Religions series

Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger, 2012
Editors: Patrick McNamara and Wesley J. Wildman

Religions & Controversies, a volume in the Science and the World’s Religions series

Praeger, 2012
Editors: Edited by Patrick McNamara and Wesley J. Wildman

In Our Own Image: Anthropomorphism, Apophaticism, and Ultimacy

Oxford University Press, Forthcoming, 2017

Effing the Ineffable: Existential Mumblings at the Limits of Language

State University of New York Press, Forthcoming, 2017

Pete Wilkins

Revd Prof David Wilkinson

Christian Eschatology and the Physical Universe

T&T Clark, 2010

Science, Religion and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

OUP, 2013

When I pray what does God do?

Monarch, 2015

Jennifer Wiseman

Prof Gayle E. Woloschak

Beauty and Unity in Creation,

Light and Life Publishing Co, 1996

Prof Linda Woodhead

Prof Mark Worthing

Professor Everett Worthington

Prof Sukeyasu (Steven) Yamamoto

Dr Amos Yong