Publications by ISSR Fellows

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Richard Sosis

Janet Soskice

Dr Christopher Southgate

The Groaning of Creation: God, Evolution and the Problem of Evil

John Knox Press, 2008

Easing the Gravity Field: poems of science and love,

Shoestring Press, 2nd edition 2007

Ed: God, Humanity and the Cosmos: revised and updated as a companion to the science-religion debate,

T&T Clark/Continuum, 2005

Greening Paul: re-reading the Apostle in a time of ecological crisis

Baylor University Press, 2010
Co-authors: David G. Horrell, Cherryl Hunt

God, Humanity and the Cosmos 3rd edn

T&T Clark/Continuum, 2011

A Gash in the Darkness

Shoestring, 2012

Chasing the Raven

Shoestring, 2016

Rain falling by the River: new and selected poems of the spirit

Canterbury Press, 2017

Divine Glory in a Darwinian World
in Zygon

Wiley, 2014
Volume: 49
Pages: 784-807

Mr. Nick Spencer

Darwin and God

SPCK, 2009

Rescuing Darwin: God and Evolution in Britain Today

Theos, 2009
Co-authors: Denis Alexander

Atheists: The Origin of the Species

Bloomsbury, 2014

The Evolution of the West

SPCK, 2016

Prof Michael Spezio

Prof Neil Spurway

Humanity, Environment and God

Blackwell, 1993
Co-authors: J Barrow, D Cupitt, R Dawkins, J Habgood, A Kenny, J Roberts
Editors: N Spurway

Theology, Evolution and the Mind

Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009
Co-authors: S Mithen, L Oviedo, F Watts, R Trigg, J Law, R Paul and others
Editors: N Spurway

What can evolved minds know of God?

In: Theology, Evolution and the Mind, CSP 2009,
Editors: N. Spurway
Pages: 74-92

The Genetics and Molecular Biology of Muscle Adaptation

Churchill-Livingstone, 2006
Co-authors: H Wackerhage.
Editors: N Spurway, D MacLaren

Rational Thought as a Product of Natural Selection

Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid, 2010; Pensamiento: Ciencia, Filosofía y Religión, Volume 66
Pages: 587-639

in Laws of Nature, Laws of God?

In: ‘Laws of Nature, Laws of God’, CSP, 2015
Editors: N. Spurway
Pages: 1-22

Forty Years of Bio-Theology

In: Forty years of Science and Religion, CSP, 2016
Editors: L Hickman, N Spurway
Pages: 158-167

Taking Darwin Seriously
in Theology in Scotland

St Mary's College, University of St Andrews;, In: Scottish Journal of Theology, 2016
Editors: I Maxwell
Volume: 23
Pages: 19-38

Theological Implications of Evolutionary Epistemology

Studies in Science and Theology, XII; Tübingen, Forum Scientiarum , 2010
Co-authors: D. Evers, A Jackelén & T. Smedes
Pages: 73-91

Matthew Stanley

Prof Russell Stannard

Grounds for Reasonable Belief,

Scottish Academic Press, 1989

Doing Away with God?,

Marshall Pickering, 1993

Science and Wonders,

Faber and Faber, 1996

The God Experiment,

Faber and Faber, Hidden Spring, 1999

The New World of Mr Tompkins,

Cambridge University Press, 1999

God for the 21st Century,

Templeton Foundation Press, SPCK,, 2000


Lion Hudson, 2003

Science and the Renewal of Belief,

Templeton Foundation Press, 2004

The End of Discovery: Are we reaching the boundaries of the knowable?

Oxford University Press, 2010

Science and Belief: The big issues

Lion Hudson, 2012

The Divine Imprint: Finding God in the Human Mind

SPCK, 2017

Dr Magda Stavinschi

Ed: Thierry Magnin, Devenir soi meme,


Perspective românesti asupra stiintei si teologiei, (edited volume)

Curtea Veche, Bucure?ti, 2006

Science and Orthodoxy. A necessary Dialogue, (edited volume)

Es XXI: Curtea Veche, Bucure?ti, 2006
Co-authors: Eds: Basarab Nicolescu, M. Stavinschi,

Trinh Xuan Thuan: Melodia secret?. ?i omul a creat universul.

XXI: Eonul dogmatic, 2005
Co-authors: Translation: Magda ?i Corina Stavinschi (from French)

Jean-Pierre Lonchamp, Afacerea Galilei,

XXI: Eonul dogmatic, 2004
Co-authors: Translation: M. Stavinschi (from French),

Science and Religion. Antagonism or complementarity?,

Ed. XXI: Eonul dogmatic, 2003
Co-authors: Authors: Basarab Nicolescu, M. Stavinschi,

Jean-Pierre Lonchamp, "Stiin?? ?i credin??",

Ed. XXI Eonul Dogmatic, 2003
Co-authors: Translation: M. Stavinschi (from French),

John F. Haught, ?tiin?? ?i religie, de la conflict la dialog,

XXI: Eonul dogmatic, 2002, Foreword, M. STAVINSCHI,
Co-authors: Translation: M. Stavinschi, Doina Ionescu (from English),

?tiin?? ?i religie. Antagonism sau complementaritate?,

Ed. XXI: Eonul dogmatic, 2002
Co-authors: Authors: Basarab Nicolescu, M. Stavinschi,

Noua reprezentare a lumii/ New World Paradigm,

Ed: XXI: Eonul dogmatic,
Co-authors: Series Co-ordinator: M. Stavinschi, 5 volumes,

Translated from English: Alexandra Corina Stavinschi, Colec?ia: ?tiin?? ?i Religie: Transdicipilinarity in Science and Religion

Co-authors: Series Co-ordinator: M. Stavinschi, Basarab Nicolescu (Series: Science and Religion), Archbishop Lazar Puhalo: Translated from English: Corina Stavinschi, Doina Ionescu, John Polkinghorne:

Prof Mikael Stenmark

How to Relate Science and Religion: A Multidimensional Model,

Eerdmans, 2004

Environmental Ethics and Environmental Policy Making,

Ashgate, 2002

Scientism: Science, Ethics and Religion,

Ashgate, 2001

Rationality in Science, Religion and Everyday Life. A Critical Evaluation of Four Models of Rationality,

University of Notre Dame Press,, 1995

Gillian Straine

Rev. Dr. Brad Strawn

The Physical Nature of Christian Life: Neuroscience, Psychology & the Church

Cambridge, 2014
Co-authors: Warren S. Brown

William Struthers

Rev Dr Keith Suckling SOSc

Dr Brendan Sweetman

Evolution, Chance, and God

Bloomsbury, 2015

Religion and Science: An Introduction

Continuum , 2010

Religion: Key Concepts in Philosophy

Continuum, 2007

(Ed.) Philosophical Thinking and the Religious Context

Bloomsbury, 2013

Why Politics Needs Religion: The Place of Religious Arguments in the Public Square

InterVarsity Press, 2006

The Vision of Gabriel Marcel

Brill, 2008

Dictionary of Christianity and Science

Zondervan, 2017
Co-authors: Paul Copan et al

Associate Professor Stoyan Tanev

Prof Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti

Ann Taves

Prof John Teske

Prof Gunter Thomas