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Prof John Bryant

The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle (Edited volume)

Bios Scientific Publications, Oxford, 2007
Co-authors: Eds: J.A.Bryant and D.Francis,

Design and Information in Biology (edited volume)

WIT Press, 2007
Co-authors: Eds: J.A.Bryant, M.A.Atherton & M.W.Collins,

Nature and Design (Edited volume)

WIT Press, 2005
Co-authors: Eds: M.W.Collins, M.A.Atherton & J.A.Bryant,

Introduction to Bioethics

John Wiley and Sons, 2005
Co-authors: J.Bryant, L. Baggott la Velle & J.Searle,

Life in Our Hands

Inter-Varsity Press, 2004
Co-authors: J.Bryant and J.Searle,

The Nuclear Envelope (edited volume)

Bios Scientific Publications, Oxford, 2004
Co-authors: Eds: D.E.Evans, C.J.Hutchison & J.A.Bryant,

Bioethics for Scientists (edited volume)

John Wiley and Sons, 2002
Co-authors: Eds: J.A.Bryant, L.M.Baggott la Velle & J.F.Searle,

Programmed Cell Death in Animals and Plants (edited volume)

Bios Scientific Publications, 2000
Co-authors: Eds: J.A.Bryant, S.G.Hughes & J.M.Garland,

Plant Carbohydrate Biochemistry (edited volume)

Bios Scientific Publications, 1999
Co-authors: Eds: J.A.Bryant, M.M.Burrell and N.J.Kruger,

Revd Prof Frank Budenholzer

Religion and Science in the Context of Chinese Culture (edited volume)

ATF Press, 2006
Co-authors: Eds: Frank Budenholzer; Chan, Tak-kwong; Tsai, Yi-Jia,

Prof. Stephen Bullivant

Dr Michael Burdett

Beyond Genetic Engineering: Technology and the Rise of Transhumanism

Grove Books, 2014

Eschatology and the Technological Future

Routledge, 2015

Find Ourselves After Darwin: Conversations on the Image of God, Original Sin, and the Problem of Evil

Co-editor. Baker Academic, 2018

Prof Geoffrey Cantor

Religion and the Great Exhibition of 1851

Oxford University Press, 2011

Jewish Tradition and the Challenge of Darwinism (edited volume)

Chicago University Press, 2006
Co-authors: Eds: Geoffrey Cantor & Marc Swetlitz

Quakers, Jews, and Science: Religious Responses to Modernity and the Sciences in Britain, 1650-1900

Oxford University Press, 2005

Culture and Science in the Nineteenth-Century Media (edited volume)

Ashgate, 2004
Co-authors: Eds: Louise Henson, Geoffrey Cantor, Gowan Dawson, Richard Noakes, Sally Shuttleworth & Jonathan R. Topham,

Science Serialized: Representations of the Sciences in Nineteenth Century Periodicals (edited volume)

MIT Press, 2004
Co-authors: Eds: Geoffrey Cantor & Sally Shuttleworth

Science in the Nineteenth-Century Periodical: Reading the Magazine of Nature,

Cambridge University Press, 2004
Co-authors: Geoffrey Cantor, Gowan Dawson, Graeme Gooday, Richard Noakes, Sally Shuttleworth & Jonathan R. Topham,

Reconstructing Nature: The Engagement of Science and Religion, The 1995-6 Gifford Lectures at Glasgow,

T & T Clark, 1998; paperback edition, Oxford University Press, 2000,
Co-authors: John Hedley Brooke & Geoffrey Cantor,

Companion to the History of Modern Science (edited volume)

Routledge, 1990
Co-authors: Eds: R.C.Olby, G.N. Cantor, J.R.R.Christie and M.J.S. Hodge, sku=&isbn=9780415145787&parent_id=&pc=/shopping_cart/search/search.asp?search%3Dcantor

Science and Religion: New Historical Perspectives

Cambridge University Press, 2010
Co-authors: Thomas Dixon & Stephen Pumfrey

Anglo-Jewry in 1851: The Great Exhibition and Political Emancipation

Volume: 44
Pages: 103–26

Science, Providence, and Progress at the Great Exhibition
in Isis

Volume: 103
Pages: 439–59

Prof Bernard Carr

Prof Nancy Cartwright

Isabel Clarke

Prof Philip Clayton

In Quest of Freedom: The Emergence of Spirit in the Natural World,

Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2008 + German translation, 2007

Ed: All That Is: A Naturalistic Faith for the 21st Century, in honor of Arthur Peacocke,

Fortress Press, 2007

Practicing Science, Living Faith: Twelve Scientists in the Quest for Reconciliation, (edited volume)

Columbia University Press, 2007
Co-authors: Eds: P. Clayton & Jim Schaal,

The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Science,

Oxford University Press, 2006; pbk edn April 2008

The Re-emergence of Emergence: The Emergentist Hypothesis from Science to Religion (edited volume)

Oxford University Press, 2006
Co-authors: Eds: P. Clayton & Paul Davies

Mind and Emergence: From Quantum to Consciousness

Oxford University Press, 2004. Pbk edn 2006

Evolution and Ethics: Human Morality in Biological and Religious Perspective (edited volume)

Eerdmans, 2004
Co-authors: Eds: P. Clayton & Jeffrey Schloss,

Science and Beyond: Cosmology, Consciousness and Technology in the Indic Traditions (edited volume)

NIAS Publications, 2004
Co-authors: Eds: P. Clayton, Roddam Narasimha, B. V. Sreekantan & Sangeetha Menon

In Whom We Live and Move and Have Our Being: Panentheistic Reflections on God’s Presence in a Scientific World (edited volume)

Eerdmans, 2004
Co-authors: Eds: P. Clayton & Arthur Peacocke

Quantum Mechanics, vol. 5 of Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action (edited volume)

Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, 2002
Co-authors: Eds: P. Clayton, Robert J. Russell, John Polkinghorne et al.,

Science and the Spiritual Quest: New Essays by Leading Scientists (edited volume)

Routledge, 2002
Co-authors: Eds: P. Clayton, Mark Richardson et al.,

The Problem of God in Modern Thought


God and Contemporary Science

Edinburgh University Press and Eerdmans, 1997

Das Gottesproblem, vol. 1: Gott und Unendlichkeit in der neuzeitlichen Philosophie, my translation,

Ferdinand Schöningh Verlag, 1996

Revd Canon Dr Joanna Collicutt

Dr Francis S. Collins

The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief,

Free Press, 2006

Prof Simon Conway-Morris

Life's Solution

Cambridge University Press, 2003 + various translations

Prof Christopher Cook

Spirituality, Theology & Mental Health

SCM, 2013
Editors: Cook, Christopher C.H.

John Cornwell

Prof Ramanath Cowsik

Prof Pranab Kumar Das II

Grace Davie

Oliver Davies

Prof Paul Davies HonFISSR

The Goldilocks Enigma: Why Is the Universe Just Right for Life?

(UK) Allen Lane, the Penguin Press, 2006

About Time: Einstein's unfinished revolution

Simon & Schuster and Viking, 1995

The Last Three Minutes

Basic Books and Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1994

The Mind of God

Simon & Schuster, 1992 and Penguin, 1993,

The Cosmic Blueprint

Heinemann, 1987, Simon & Schuster, 1988, revised edition, Templeton Foundation Press, 2004,


Heinemann UK, 1984 and Simon & Schuster USA, 1983,

God and the New Physics

J.M. Dent UK and Simon & Schuster USA, 1983,

Prof Edward B. Davis

The Works of Robert Boyle, 14 vols.

Pickering & Chatto, 1999-2000
Editors: Michael Hunter and Edward B. Davis

Robert Boyle: A Free Enquiry into the Vulgarly Received Notion of Nature

Cambridge University Press, 1996
Editors: Edward B. Davis and Michael Hunter

The Antievolution Pamphlets of Harry Rimmer

Garland Publishing, 1995
Editors: Edward B. Davis

Religion and the Culture of Print in Modern America

University of Wisconsin Press, 2008
Editors: Charles L. Cohen and Paul S. Boyer
Pages: 175-198: Fundamentalist Cartoons, Modernist Pamphlets, ...

Eminent Lives in Twentieth-Century Science & Religion

Peter Lang, 2009
Editors: Nicolaas A. Rupke
Pages: Chapters on Robert Millikan (253-74) & Michael Pupin (295-316)

The Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity

Wiley-Blackwell, 2012
Editors: J. B. Stump and Alan G. Padgett
Pages: 48-60: Science Falsely So Called: Fundamentalism and Science

Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths about Science and Religion

Harvard University Press, 2010
Editors: Ronald L. Numbers
Pages: 115-122: That Isaac Newton's Mechanistic Cosmology Eliminated ... God

Nature and Scripture in the Abrahamic Religions: 1700 Present

Brill, 2008
Co-authors: Elizabeth Chmielewski
Editors: Jitse M. van der Meer and Scott Mandelbrote
Pages: Vol. 2, 437-64: Galileo and the Garden of Eden

Altruism and the Administration of the Universe: Kirtley Fletcher Mather on Science and Values
in Zygon

Zygon (2011)
Volume: 46
Pages: 517-35

Prophet of Science: Arthur Holly Compton on Science, Freedom, Religion, and Morality
in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith (2009)
Volume: 61
Pages: 73-83, 175-90, and 240-53 (part 1 of 3)

Robert Boyle's Religious Life, Attitudes, and Vocation
in Science & Christian Belief

Science & Christian Belief (2007)
Volume: 19
Pages: 117-38

Science and Religious Fundamentalism in the 1920s
in American Scientist

American Scientist (2005)
Volume: 93
Pages: 254-60

Encyclopedia of Science and Religion

Macmillan, 2003
Editors: J. Wentzel van Huyssteen
Pages: vol. 1, 123-27: Christianity, History of Science and Religion

Science and Religion: A Historical Introduction

Johns Hopkins University Press, 2017
Editors: Gary B. Ferngren
Pages: 110-122: Early Modern Protestantism

Robert Boyle Reconsidered

Cambridge University Press, 1994
Editors: Michael Hunter
Pages: 157-175: "Parcere nominibus": Boyle, Hooke, and ... Descartes

Fundamentalism and Folk Science between the Wars
in Religion and American Culture

Religion and American Culture (1995)
Volume: 5
Pages: 217-48

The Anonymous Works of Robert Boyle
in Journal of the History of Ideas

Journal of the History of Ideas (1994)
Volume: 55
Pages: 611-29

God, Man, and Nature: The Problem of Creation in Cartesian Thought
in Scottish Journal of Theology

Scottish Journal of Theology (1991)
Volume: 44
Pages: 325-48, with important errata in next issue

A Whale of a Tale: Fundamentalist Fish Stories
in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith (1991)
Volume: 43
Pages: 224-37

Facets of Faith and Science. Volume 3: The Role of Beliefs in the Natural Sciences

University Press of America, 1996
Editors: Jitse M. van der Meer
Pages: 75-96: Newton's Rejection of the "Newtonian World View"

Evangelicals and Science in Historical Perspective

Oxford University Press, 1999
Editors: David N. Livingstone, D. G. Hart, and Mark A. Noll
Pages: 75-95: Christianity and Early Modern Science: The Foster Thesis
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