Publications by ISSR Fellows

Below is a list publications by ISSR members. You can search the list using the search box below.

Prof Yoshio Oyanagi

Prof Alan Padgett

Christianity and Western Thought, vol. 2 and 3,

IVP Academic, 2000, 2008
Co-authors: A. G. Padgett and Steve Wilkens,

But is it all True? The Bible and the Question of Truth (edited volume) (,

Eerdmans, 2006, pbk
Co-authors: Eds: Alan G. Padgett & P. Keifert,

Science and the Study of God: A Mutuality Model for Theology and Science,

Eerdmans, 2003, pbk

Introducing Christianity,

Orbis Books, 2003
Co-authors: A. G. Padgett and Sally Bruyneel,

God and Time: Four Views,

IVP Academic, 2001, 2001
Co-authors: Nicholas Wolterstorff, William Lane Craig, Paul Helm
Editors: Greg Ganssle

Ed: Reason and the Christian Religion: Essays in Honour of Richard Swinburne,

Oxford University Press, 1994

God, Eternity and the Nature of Time,

London:Macmillan, 1992

Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity

Blackwell, 2012
Co-authors: J. B. Stump, coeditors

Faith and Reason: Three Views

IVP Academic, 2014
Co-authors: Craig Boyd, Carl Raschke
Editors: Steve Wilkens

Introduction to Philosophy: Christianity and the Big Questions

Baylor University Press, 2018
Co-authors: Steve Wilkesn

Raymond Paloutzian

Dr Karl E. Peters

Spiritual Transformations: Science, Religion, and Human Becoming,

Fortress Press Facets, 2008

Dancing with the Sacred: Evolution, Ecology, and God,

Trinity Press International, 2002

Dr Ted Peters

Sacred Cells?: Why Christians Should Support Stem Cell Research

Rowman and Littlefield, 2008
Co-authors: Ted Peters, Karen Lebacqz and Gaymon Bennett

Can You Believe in God and Evolution?

Abingdon, 2006
Co-authors: Ted Peters & Martinez Hewlett,

Anticipating Omega,

Vandenhoedk & Ruprecht, 2006

God's Action in Nature's World,

Co-authors: Ted Peters with Nathan Hallanger,

Science, Theology, Ethics,

Ashgate, 2003

Evolution: From Creation to New Creation,

Abingdon, 2003
Co-authors: Ted Peters & Martinez Hewlett,

God, Life, and the Cosmos: Islamic and Christian Perspectives,

Ashgate, 2002. Tr. Indonesian Bahassa: Tuhan, Alam, Manusia: Perspektif Sains dan Agama. Bandung: Logo Mizan Kronik, 2005
Co-authors: Ted Peters, Muzafar Iqbal & Nomen Haq,

Resurrection: Theological and Scientific Assessments,

Eerdmans, 2002
Co-authors: Ted Peters, Robert John Russell & Michael Welker,

Bridging Science and Religion,

English: SCM Press 2002 and Fortress Press 2003 (+ various translations),
Co-authors: Ted Peters, Gaymon Bennett and Kang Phee Seng,

Ed: Science and Theology: The New Consonance,

Westview Press, 1998. Korean translation by Heup Young Kim,

Ed: Genetics: Issues of Social Justice,

Pilgrim, 1998

Playing God? Genetic Determinism and Human Freedom,

Routledge, 1997, 2nd ed. 2002

For the Love of Children: Genetic Technology and the Future of the Family,

Westminster/ John Knox Press, 1996

Introduction author and volume editor, Toward a Theology of Nature: Essays on Science and Faith, by Wolfhart Pannenberg,

Westminster/ John Knox Press, 1993

GOD the World's Future: Systematic Theology for a Postmodern Era,

Fortress Press, 1992; 2nd edition, 2000. Korean translation by Se-Hyoung Lee, Concordia-Sa, Seoul, Korea 2006,

Professor Arthur Petersen

Prof James C. Peterson

Prof Gregory Peterson

Prof William D. Phillips

Dr Andrew Pinsent

Prof Alvin Plantinga

Revd Dr John Polkinghorne

From Physicist to Priest,

SPCK, 2007

Quantum Physics and Theology,

SPCK/Yale University Press + Korean translation, 2007

Exploring Reality,

SPCK/Yale University Press, 2005

Science and the Trinity,

SPCK/Yale University Press, 2004

Living with Hope,

SPCK/Westminster John Knox, 2003

Quantum Theory: A Very Short Introduction,

Oxford University Press, 2002 + various translations

The God of Hope and the End of the World,

SPCK/Yale University Press, 2002 + various translations

Ed: The Work of Love: Creation as Kenosis,

SPCK/Eerdmans, 2001

Faith in the Living God,

SPCK/Fortress, 2001 + various translations
Co-authors: J. Polkinghorne & Michael Welker

Faith, Science and Understanding,

SPCK/Yale University Press, 2000 + Korean translation

Traffic in Truth,

Canterbury Press, 2000; Fortress 2002,

The End of the World and the Ends of God (edited volume)

Trinity Press International, 2000 + German translation
Co-authors: Eds: J. Polkinghorne & M. Welker

Science and Theology,

SPCK/Fortress, 1998 + various translations

Belief in God in an Age of Science,

Yale University Press, 1998 + various translations

Searching for Truth,

Bible Reading Fellowship, 1996; Crossroad, 1997 + Portuguese translation,

Beyond Science,

Cambridge University Press, 1996 + various translations

Scientists as Theologians,

SPCK, 1996

Serious Talk,

Trinity Press International, 1995; SCM Press, 1996,

Quarks, Chaos and Christianity,

Trianagle, 1994; Crossroad, 1996 + various translations,

Science and Christian Belief,

SPCK, 1994; as The Faith of a Physicist, Princeton University Press, 1994; Fortress Press, 1996 + Russian translation,

Reason and Reality,

SPCK/Trinity Press International, 1991 + various translations

Rochester Roundabout,

Longman/WH Freeman, 1989 + Japanese translation

Science and Providence,

SPCK/New Science Library, 1989, + various translations, 2nd ed. Templeton Press, 2005

Science and Creation,

SPCK, 1988; New Science Library, 1989, + Polish translation, 2nd ed. Templeton Press, 2006,

Prof Robert Pollack

Ed: Love and its Obstacles, proceedings of the first annual Fetzer Institute Symposium,

2007, e-Book

Best Practice: Science to End Poverty,

Columbia University Press, 2006

The Theory and Practice of Biology,

Web textbook, 2006

The 1999 Schoff Memorial Lectures: The Faith of Biology and the Biology of Faith: Order, Meaning, and Free Will in Modern Science,

Columbia University Press, 2000
Co-authors: Pollack, R., with frontispiece by Amy Pollack,

The Missing Moment: How the Unconscious shapes Modern Science,

Houghton Mifflin, 1999
Co-authors: Pollack R., with frontispiece by Amy Pollack, Pollack

Signs of Life: The Language and Meanings of DNA,

Houghton Mifflin, 1994. Paperback edition 1995 + various translations. Czech Republic,
Co-authors: Pollack, R., with frontispiece by Amy Pollack,

Ed: Readings in Mammalian Cell Culture,

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 1973. Revised First Edition, 1975. Second Edition, 1981.

Mr Michael Poole

User's Guide to Science and Belief

Lion Hudson, 2007. Published in USA as Exploring Science and Belief, Hendrickson Publishers, Inc

God, Humanity and the Cosmos: a Textbook in Science and Religion

T&T, 1999, 2003 (1st edn); 2005 (2nd edn)
Editors: Southgate, C. (1999, 2003, 2005) and Poole, M. (1999)

Beliefs and Values in Science Education

Open University Press, 1995

A Guide to Science and Belief

Lion Hudson, 1994 + various translations

Creation or Evolution - A False Antithesis?

Latimer House (Latimer Studies 23/24), 1987. With a chapter by G.J.Wenham

A Guide to Science and Belief

Lion Publishing, 1990

God Talk: Science Talk — A Teacher’s Guide to Science & Belief

Lion Publishing, 1997
Co-authors: Adrian Brown and Sue Hookway

Teaching about Science and Religion: opportunities within Science in the National Curriculum

Culham College Institute, 1998

The ‘New’ Atheism: Ten Arguments that Don’t Hold Water?

Lion Hudson, 2009

‘Semiconductors’, ‘Electromagnetic Waves’, ‘Lasers’, Nuffield Advanced Science Sourcebook (Physical Sciences)

Penguin, 1974
Editors: B.E.Dawson

‘Teaching About Issues of Science and Religion’ in Priorities in Religious Education

Falmer Press, 1992
Editors: Watson, B

‘Science and Science Education: A Judeo-Christian Perspective’ in Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Science Education

Kluwers Academic Publishers, 1998
Editors: Cobern, W.W.

‘Science and Education’ in God, Humanity and the Cosmos: a Textbook in Science and Religion

T & T Clark, 1999
Editors: Joint editor

‘Science and Education’ in God, Humanity and the Cosmos: Second Edition Revised and Expanded as a Companion to the Science—Religion Debate

T & T Clark, 2005
Editors: C. Southgate

'The Scientific Enterprise and Teaching about Creation' in Teaching About Scientific Origins: Taking Account of Creationism

Peter Lang, 2007
Editors: Jones, L. and Reiss, M. J.

‘Science and Education’ in God, Humanity and the Cosmos: Third Edition, A Textbook in Science and Religion, revised and updated

T & T Clark, 2011
Editors: C. Southgate

‘Spiritual education’ in Becoming a Teacher: Issues in Secondary Teaching

Open University Press/McGraw-Hill Education, 2011
Co-authors: Wright, A, & Brandom, A-M,
Editors: J. Dillon & M. Maguire

‘Challenges Faced by Faith-Based Schools with Special Reference to the Interplay between Science and Religion’ in International Handbook of Learning, Teaching and Leading in Faith-Based Schools

Springer, 2014
Editors: J. D. Chapman, S. McNamara, M. J. Reiss, Y. Waghid

Science education and the interplay between science and religion
in School Science Review

Volume: 67(239)
Pages: 252-261

Science-and-religion: A Challenge for Secondary Education
in British Journal of Religious Education

Volume: 13(1)
Pages: 18-27

The Galileo Affair
in School Science Review

Volume: 72(258)

Do we teach them wrong? Teaching young people about science and religion
in Explorations in Science and Theology, Templeton London Lectures

Royal Society of Arts, 1993
Pages: 39-53

A Critique of Aspects of the Philosophy and Theology of Richard Dawkins
in Science and Christian Belief

Volume: 6(1)
Pages: 41-59

A Response to Dawkins & A Reply to Poole
in Science and Christian Belief

Volume: 7(1)
Pages: 45-50 & 51-58

Prof Stephen Post

Sir Ghillean Prance

Prof Joel R. Primack

The View from the Center of the Universe: Discovering our Extraordinary Place in the Cosmos

Co-authors: Joel R.Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams,

Prof F. Jamil Ragep

Prof V.V. Raman

Truth and Tension in Science and Religion

Beech River Books, 2009

Famous Indian Scientists,


Variety in Religion and Science,


Tirukkural Book 1: Translation with Commentaries,


Remembrances and Reminiscences: A la recherche du temps vécu,


Glimpses of Ancient Science and Scientists,


Reflections from Alien Shores,


Scientific Perspectives,


Variety in Science History,


Balakanda as Literature & Cultural History,


Nuggets from the Gita,


Roots of Perceived Reality,


Notes for a Study of Quantum Mechanics,


Foundations of Scientific Thinking,


Dr Russell Re Manning

New Varieties of Natural Theology

Oxford University Press, 2013

Oxford Handbook of Natural Theology

Oxford University Press, 2013

Philosophy of Religion: The Essentials

Hodder & Stoughton, 2012

Science and Religion in the Twenty First Century. The Boyle Lectures, 2004-2013

SCM Press, 2013
Co-authors: Michael Byrne

Cambridge Companion to Paul Tillich

Cambridge University Press, 2009

Theology at the End of Culture

Peeters Press, 2005

30-Second Religion

Ivy Press, 2011

30-Second Bible

Ivy Press, 2012