Dr Munawar AneesDr Munawar Anees

Founding Director
Center for Global Dialog, Univ of Management and Technology

Tucson, Arizona, United States


Dr. Munawar Anees is President of Knowledge Management Systems (KnowSys), based in Arizona. A biologist by training, he is widely known as a writer and a cultural critic. He is the author of several books and over 300 articles on religion and science, bioethics, and Islamic studies. One of his works, Islam and Biological Futures: Ethics, Gender and Technology, is considered a classic on Islamic bioethics. Founding and Advisory Editor of many scholarly journals, including Journal of Islamic Science, his Periodica Islamica was hailed as a pioneering initiative on current awareness. Advisor to the former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, he is an elected member of the Royal Academy of Jordan. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in February 2002.

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Religion, Philosophy & History Interests

History of Religion, History of Science, Islam, Judaism

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Biology, Biotechnology, Genetics, Information Technology