Dr Warren S. BrownDr Warren S. Brown

Fuller Graduate School of Psychology

Pasadena, California, United States


Professor Warren Brown is Professor of Psychology at the Graduate School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary, where he is also Director of the Travis Research Institute. Prior to Fuller, Brown spent 11 years as a research scientist at the UCLA Brain Research Institute, and Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences. He is actively involved in research related to human brain processes and cognition, most specifically those cognitive functions related to the corpus callosum. His current research involves cognitive and psychosocial disabilities in individuals born without the corpus callous and patients who had a hemispherectomy in childhood. Brown has also done research on neuropsychological changes in aging and dementia; brain processes in language comprehension; attention deficits in schizophrenia; and brain wave changes associated with kidney disease and its treatment.
Brown has contributed over 80 articles to peer-reviewed scientific journals such as Neuropsychologia, Psychophysiology, Neurobiology of Aging, Biological Psychiatry, Developmental Neuropsychology, Kidney International, and Science. His most current work also involves a neuroscience and psychological study of the virtues of generosity and compassion. Brown authored or editied of several books: "Whatever Happened to the Soul?" (edited with Nancey Murphy and Newton Malony; Fortress Press, 1998); "Did My Neurons Make Me Do It?" (coauthored with Nancey Murphy, Oxford University Press, 2007); "Neuroscience, Psycholog and Religion" (coauthored with Malcolm Jeeves, Templeton Press, 2009); and "The Physical Nature of Christian Life" (coauthored with Brad Strawn, Cambridge University Press, 2012).

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The Physical Nature of Christian Life: Neuroscience, Psychology and the Church

Cambridge University Press 2012
Co-authors: Brad D. Strawn

Did My Neurons Make Me Do It? : Philosophical and Neurobiological Perspectives on Moral Responsibility and Free Will,

Oxford University Press 2007
Co-authors: Murphy, N. and Brown, W.S

Understanding Wisdom: Sources, Science, and Society (Edited Volume)

Radnor, Penn: Templeton Press 2000

Neuroscience, Psychology, and Religion: Illusions, Delusions, and Realities of Human Nature

Templeton Foundation Press 2009
Co-authors: Malcolm Jeeves