Human Nature & Embodied Cognition

20-23 September 2012 at Akademie Lokkum, Germany

A conference on the theme of ‘Human Nature and Embodied Cognition’ convened as part of the ISSR project on ‘Human Nature and Embodied Cognition: Perspectives from Science and the World’s Religions’, funded with a grant from the John Templeton Foundation. A major conference was held at Loccum in Germany, in September 2012.

A set of journal articles arising from the conference were published in Zygon in September 2013 (vol. 48, no. 3). The published articles include Fraser Watts on ‘Embodied Cognition and Religion’, John A. Teske on ‘From Embodied to Extended Cognition’, Daniel H. Weiss on ‘Embodied Cognition in Classical Rabbinic Literature’, Léon Turner on ‘Individuality in Theological Anthropology and Theories of Embodied Cognition’, and Warren S. Brown and Kevin S. Reimer on ‘Embodied Cognition, Character Formation, and Virtue’.