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Statement from the President

Welcome to the website of the International Society for Science and Religion. The relationship between science and religion has been a complicated one over the last century or two, and one that has attracted enormous public interest. Many of us believe that there is no necessary incompatibility between the two, and that they can be brought into fruitful dialogue.

Members of the Society examine the relationship between science and religion from the perspective of many different disciplines, and our membership includes scientists, theologians, historians, philosophers and others. As an international society, we are very conscious that we live in a pluralistic world, including a great diversity of religions, as well as many different sciences. We aim to make the Society as representative of this cultural diversity as possible.

Our activities include conferences (most of which are open to the public), and various other research and dissemination projects; we also publish on this website clear and balanced statements on a range of contentious issues. We aim to include in our membership the leading figures around the world concerned with science and religion, and to advance exploration of their interface for the benefit of all.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will find what you are looking for here. We would welcome your comments and feedback.

Michael J. Reiss, President


“What we are hoping for is a cross-fertilization between two of the greatest forces of the human spirit – science and religion.”

“Once our spiritual nature is recognized, how is it possible to bring violence to each other?”

“ISSR has sponsored some of the most interesting conferences I have attended since its inception.”

“The ISSR aims at bringing out the best aspects from both Science and Religion: rigor, humility, awe, progress, and more. I am pleased to be part of this very worthy endeavour.”

The latest science & religion news

A service to the community engaged in the dialogue between science and religion provided by the International Society for Science and Religion. ISSR welcomes new information to be put on this site, but reserves the right to use its discretion about what is included and to edit details sent. Please contact us to send new items.

The New Cosmic Story: Inside Our Awakening Universe, by John Haught

Scientists now know that the universe is a story still unfolding. Fairly recently, as the story goes, on planet Earth in

Diverse Intelligences: Templeton World Charity Foundation Grant

ISSR would like to draw its members' attention to the following videos relating to the upcoming Diverse Intelligences project funded by

The Intelligent Design Debate and the Temptation of Scientism, by Rope Kojonen

Debate over the controversial Intelligent Design movement has continued for over two decades. Though Intelligent Design has not made much progress

Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality, by Fraser Watts

Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality provides readers with a critical overview of what psychology tells us about religion and spirituality. It is

Theological Neuroethics: Christian Ethics Meets the Science of the Human Brain, by Neil Messer

While I was writing my new book Theological Neuroethics (Messer 2017), I had many conversations with colleagues, students and friends about

The New Biology: Implications for Philosophy, Theology and Education by Fraser Watts

  The joint conference of the Ian Ramsey Centre and ISSR in the summer this year (2017) provided a great opportunity

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2018 ESSSAT/ISSR Conference, Lyon
Nature and Beyond – Immanence and Transcendence in Science and Religion

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