Prof Philip ClaytonProf Philip Clayton

Ingraham Professor
Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, California

Claremont, United States


Dr. Philip Clayton holds a Ph.D. in both philosophy and religious studies from Yale University. Currently he is the Ingraham Professor of Theology at Claremont School of Theology as well as Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Claremont Graduate University. He has taught at Haverford and Williams Colleges and until 2001 was Professor and Chair of Philosophy at the California State University, Sonoma. He has been guest professor at the Divinity School, Harvard University, Humboldt Professor at the University of Munich, and Senior Fulbright Professor, again at the University of Munich. Clayton is a past winner of the Templeton Book Prize for best monograph in the field of science and religion and a winner of the first annual Templeton Research Prize. His primary research interest concerns the ethical, social and metaphysical issues that arise at the intersection of contemporary science and religion.
Clayton is the author of Adventures in the Spirit (Fortress Press, 2008), Mind and Emergence (Oxford University Press, 2004), The Problem of God in Modern Thought (Eerdmans, 2000), God and Contemporary Science (Edinburgh University Press, 1997); Explanation from Physics to Theology: An Essay in Rationality and Religion (Yale University Press, 1989; German edition, Rationalität und Religion, 1992); and Das Gottesproblem, vol. 1: Gott und Unendlichkeit in der neuzeitlichen Philosophie (Schöningh Verlag, 1996). He has edited and translated several other volumes (including All That Is, Practicing Science, Living Faith, The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Science, The Re-emergence of Emergence, Evolution and Ethics, Science and Beyond, In Whom We Live and Move and Have Our Being, Quantum Mechanics, and Science and the Spiritual Quest) and published some 50 articles in the philosophy of science, ethics, and the world's religious traditions. He is currently working on Beyond the Religion Wars: The Path from Reduction to Reenchantment, The Challenge of Ultimacy: An Essay in Critical Theism, and Panentheims East and West. Clayton is currently Principal Investigator of the "Science and the Spiritual Quest" project (SSQ) at the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences in Berkeley, California.
As a public intellectual he seeks to address the burning ethical and political issues at the intersection of science, ethics, religion, and spirituality (e.g., the stem cell debate, euthanasia, the environmental crisis, interreligious warfare). As a philosopher he works to show the compatibility of science with religious belief across the fields where the two may be integrated (emergence theory, evolution and religion, evolutionary psychology, neuroscience and consciousness).

Honoraria Titles

Major Prizes


In Quest of Freedom: The Emergence of Spirit in the Natural World,

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Co-authors: Eds: P. Clayton & Jim Schaal,

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Co-authors: Eds: P. Clayton & Paul Davies

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The Problem of God in Modern Thought


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