ISSR Vienna Conference

27-29 August 2015 in Vienna

ISSR collaborated with Sigmund Freud University in Vienna to organize an International Congress during 27-29 August 2015 on:

Science and/or Religion: 
A 21st Century Debate

The core theme of the conference was:

The Science & Religion Debate in Current Social Context

Following the conference, a number of papers were published in a special issue of Open Theology.

Watts, Fraser and Khalili, Shiva, ‘Science and Religion: Issues and Trends’ (Editorial)

Fraser, Liam Jerrold, ‘The Secret Sympathy: New Atheism, Protestant Fundamentalism, and Evolution’

Barzaghi, Amerigo / Corcó, Josep, ‘Ernan McMullin’s Thought on Science and Theology: An Appreciation’

Stahlberg, Lorns-Olaf, ‘The Higgs Boson, The God Particle, and the Correlation Between Scientific and Religious Narratives’

Smiles, Vincent M., ‘Transcendent Mind, Emergent Universe in the Thought of Michael Polanyi’

Leidenhag, Mikael and Leidenhag, Joanna, ‘Science and Spirit: A Critical Examination of Amos Yong’s Pneumatological Theology of Emergence’

Losch, Andreas, ‘Downward Causation – The Way How Mind and Matter Interact?’

Colagè, Ivan and Oviedo, Lluis, ‘Cultural Influences on the Brain Science and Theology on Human Specificity’

Love, Carolyn J., ‘God, Genetics, and Event Phenomenology’

Renner, Walter, ‘Self-Evident Experience: A Challenge to the Empirical Study of Religion’

Świeżyński, Adam, ‘Science and/or Miracle? The System Approach to Miracle Events’

Free access is available at:

A further set of papers arising from the conference is in press, to be published as Science And/Or Religion: A 21st Century Debate, edited by Shiva Khaili and Fraser Watts, Cambridge Scholars Press, and to include:

Science and Religion in a World Of Religious Pluralism
Philip Clayton, Claremont School of Theology, USA

Is Our God Big Enough for Big History? Reimagining Religion in an Age of Science
William Grassie, Metanexus Institute, USA

Naturalism Versus Theism: What is at Stake?
Mikael Stenmark, Uppsala University, Sweden

Religious Naturalism: Oxymoronic Muddle or Future Spiritual Juggernaut?
Wesley J. Wildman, Boston University, USA

The Origins and Functions Of Religion
Fraser Watts, University of Lincoln, UK

Changes and Transformations of Individual and Collective Meaning-Giving Beliefs
Shiva Khalili, University of Tehran, Iran

From Morality to Religion? An Interactionist View of Human Personhood.
Wentzel Van Huyssteen, University Of Stellenbosch, South Africa

A New Dualism: Understanding Imago Dei
Noreen Herzfeld, St. John’s University, USA

The Role of Christian Theology in the Conception of Modern Science
Nancey Murphy, Fuller Theological Seminary, USA

Can Science and Religion Live Together Harmoniously?
Michael Ruse, Florida State University, USA

Mutual Cooperation Between Religion and Science
Abdolrahim Gavahi, World Religions Research Center, Iran

Science Education and Ethics Education in Faith-Based Schools
Michael J Reiss, ISSR & UCL Institute Of Education, UK