Prof Geoffrey CantorProf Geoffrey Cantor

Professor of the History of Science
University of Leeds

London, United Kingdom


Professor Geoffrey Cantor trained as a Physicist, gaining his PhD in radiophysics at King's College, London. While pursuing this research he discovered History and Philosophy of Science and started taking courses with Larry Laudan in that new and exciting subject, while teaching Physics at a school. The HPS department at the University of Indiana beckoned and enabled him to retrain as an historian. He has spent most of his professional life teaching HPS at the University of Leeds, where he has moved progressively from the history of physics to historical studies of science and religion. The initial project that bridged the two areas resulted in his Michael Faraday, Sandemanian and Scientist (1991). With John Hedley Brooke he delivered the 1995-6 Gifford Lectures at Glasgow, which were published as Reconstructing Nature: The Engagement of Science and Religion (1998). With Jacqui Stewart he co-directed the Centre for Science and Religion at Leeds University.

In 2005 his Quakers, Jews and Science was published by Oxford University Press which also published his most recent book Religion and the Great Exhibition of 1851 (2011). He also co-edited with Thomas Dixon and Stephen Punfrey Science and Religion, New Historical Perspectives (2010), which contains papers from the 2007 Lancaster conference marking the retirement of John Hedley Brooke. Now himself retired, Geoffrey Cantor lives in London and has an honorary position at University College London. His present project is a four-volume collection of primary sources on the 1851 Exhibition, to be published by Pickering & Chatto in 2013.

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Religion, Philosophy & History Interests

Christianity-Protestantism, History of Religion, History of Science, Judaism

Science & Technology Interests

Evolution, Physics


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