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It Keeps Me Seeking: The Invitation from Science, Philosophy and Religion; blog piece by Andrew Steane, book co-authored with Andrew Briggs and Hans Halvorson

Sometimes spouses will look back on the time of their getting to know one another and say, half-jokingly, that on a given occasion one was putting the other to the test. A person keen on hill-walking might

December 3rd, 2018|Blog, News|

Announcing a Special Session at the 2018 American Academy of Religion in Denver, organized by the International Society for Science and Religion for Saturday morning, November 17

Theme: Exoplanets, Aliens, and Multiple Incarnations? Christian Theology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life (SETI) Michael Reiss, President of the ISSR, University College London, Presiding Saturday - 9:00 AM-11:30 AM.  Hyatt Regency-Centennial G (Third Level) The Search

October 11th, 2018|News|
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