2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions

Pursuing Global Understanding, Reconciliation and Change

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto

November 2nd – 6th 2018


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There will be a number of presentations on science and religion at the Parliament. One that ISSR is sponsoring is by Mozed Masoud on Science, Religion and Global Justice.

On Moez, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moez_Masoud


ISSR also collaborated with IRAS in proposing the following presentations on science and religion, which will be include in the programme:


Nancy Ellen Abrams

The Unifying Potential of a Real God in the Scientific Universe


Grace Wolf-Chase

Understanding Scientific Discovery through Participation


Paul Carr/Emily Austin

Climate, Carbon, and “Ground of All Being”


Sol Katz

Food scarcity, safety, imbalance and population


Briana Pobiner

Global Community and the Science of Human Origins


William D. Phillips

Ordinary Faith, Ordinary Science


Patricia Bennett

Another way of Seeing


V. V. Raman

Science & Religion: a Unified Vision


Carol Wayne White

Re-Envisioning Hope: Anthropogenic Climate Change, Learned Ignorance,  & Religious Naturalism


Andrew Newberg

Neurotheology and Compassion


William Shoemaker

The Origin of Evil and the Social Brain Network


Michael Summers

The New Search for Life beyond Our Solar System


Janet Rossant

Gene Editing Our Children, and Their Children: Genes, Justice, and Generations


Other ISSR Fellows will also be presenting at the conference, including Anindita Balslev.


If any other Fellows will be presenting please let is know so we can add them here.







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