ISSR is pleased to announce its new partnership with St Mary-le-Bow church in organising and hosting the prestigious Boyle Lectures for Science and Religion.
The first lecture to be held as part of this partnership will be delivered Monday 18th February 2019. This lecture will be delivered by ISSR’s President, Professor Michael J. Reiss, and we are delighted to have Professor Janet Soskice as the respondent.
ISSR is also pleased to present the transcript for the 2018 Boyle Lecture, which was delivered by ISSR Fellow Dr Mark Harris (University of Edinburgh), with his kind permission, as part of our ISSR blog series. The title of the lecture is:
‘Apocalypses Now: Modern Science and Biblical Miracles’
The lecture was videoed, and has been posted on YouTube, and on St. Mary-le-Bow’s website, with details below:
The transcript can be viewed on our ISSR blog page at the following web address: