Dr Magda StavinschiDr Magda Stavinschi

Honorary Research
Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy

Bucharest, Romania


Astrometry, celestial mechanics, history of astronomy, astronomical education, science and religion.
Education: License - Faculty of Mathematics-Mechanics, Astronomical Department, University of Bucharest Ph.D. – mathematics, specialty: astronomy, Faculty of Mathematics-informatics, University “Babes-Bolyai" of Cluj-Napoca
Membership of professional bodies: - Member of the International Astronomical Union, IAU (commissions 8, 19, 41, 55); President of the IAU Commission "Astronomy Education and Development (2006-2009);- Chair of the IAU working-group „The Future Development of the Ground-Based Astrometry” (2000-2006); member of the Astronomical Society of Armenia; - Founder member of the European Astronomical Society, EAS; - EAS councilor (2000-2004); - Chair of the EAS South East Branch for SEE (2000-2005); - Chair of the Sub-Regional European Astronomical Committee, under UNESCO-ROSTE aegis (2004, 2005) - Member of the European Society „Astronomy in Culture”, SEAC - Chair of the SEAC working group „Astronomy and cultural heritage” (from 2004) - Founder member of international society “Euroscience”; - Member of COSPAR (Committee on Space Research); - Member of the working group “Eclipse ‘99” of the European Council (1998-2000); - Member in the Scientific Council of the Romanian Space Agency; - President of the Scientific Council of the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy (1990-2005); - Director of the Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy (1990-2005); - President of the international association "Eclipsa '99", now „Astronomia 21” (from 1996); - President of the National Romanian Astronomical Committee (1998-2002), vicepresident (1994-1998); - Member of the Romanian Committee for History and Philosophy of Science and Technique (from 2002); - Member International Center for Transdisciplinary Research – CIRET (from 2004) - Coordinator of the Romanian team of the FP6 program EUROPLANET (from 2005); - Executive President of the Association for the Dialogue between Science and Theology in Romania -ADSTR (from 2005); - Member of the editorial board of Romanian Astronomical Journal; - National node for the international campaign VT-2004 (Venus transit, 2004); - Responsible of three Templeton Programs on Science and Religion in Romania (2004-2010); President of the Institute for the Transdisciplinary Studies in Science, Spirituality, Society - IT4S (from 2009): www.it4s.ro.
Awards: - Officier de l’Ordre National du Mérite, décret du Président de la R. Française de 8 avril 2005 - Special Recognition Award: "Global Perspectives on Science and Spirituality: A Program of the Université Interdisciplinaire de Paris and Elon University with funding from the John Templeton Foundation." (March 2005)
Others: - Radio Cultural Excellence Award for promoting the Romanian and international astronomical research during the scientific programs, 2002 - UNESCO Excellence Award "Cecilia Banc for Science Popularization", 2004
Present position: Senior research, first degree, Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy; associate researcher of the Institut de Mecanique Celeste et de Calcul des Ephemerides (IMCCE) from Paris.
Publications: - about 300 scientific papers, more than half in refereed journals - 13 books (original or translations), chapters in 9 books - editor of 20 volumes, Astronomical Yearbook (from 1980 until 1990, as member in the editorial board, from 1991 editor in chief), - hundred of articles or different presentations in mass-media. Co-editor of the series "Science and Religion" and "Science, Spirituality, Society", at "Curtea Veche Publishing house".

Honoraria Titles

Major Prizes

Religion, Philosophy & History Interests

Christianity-Orthodoxy, History of Religion, History of Science, Theology

Science & Technology Interests

Cosmology, Mathematics, Physics




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